Intelligent, healthy into the appliance industry new direction

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With the steady growth of residents' income and the optimization and upgrading of the consumption structure, the pursuit of quality life by consumers has become even stronger. In 2017, based on the daily needs of consumers, the products of home appliances highlight the features of intelligence and health. Smart home appliance market penetration gradually increased. At the same time, air purifiers, fresh air systems, water purifiers and other health appliances market is growing rapidly, more and more consumers.
Intelligent features highlight
Appliance intelligent has become the trend of development of the industry. In 2017, with the rapid development of new technologies such as Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, the Chinese home appliance industry will continue to highlight the trend of intelligence.
Jiang Feng, director of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said in an interview with the media: "The future is an intelligent era." Intelligence was the hottest topic at the China Consumer Electronics and Consumer Electronics Expo in March 2017. During the show, Haier released the first batch of 161 smart living scenarios based on the complete set of interoperable smart appliances, and Midea launched the future kitchen based on the smart living space of the kitchen physical space. During the conference, around the world of intelligence, almost all exhibitors showed the latest achievements and announced their future development strategies.
November 24, 2017, at the China International Forum on Smart Home Appliances, Zhu Yuanyuan, deputy general manager of Blackway's Blackfield Division at Alway Cloud pointed out that the future of home appliance products will be upgraded in three directions: smart, high-end and fashion. The current home appliance industry's major enterprises have released smart home strategy, including Haier's smart home U-home system, Samsung Smart Home SmartHome platform, Changhong's home Internet strategy, the United States M-Smart smart home strategy and Internet companies millet, Ali Baba, Tencent, Jingdong also have launched smart service platform, the layout of smart home.
The rapid development of smart home appliances, consumer appliances has become the main upgrade, of which the fastest growing smart TV. Data show that from January to October 2017 market penetration reached 85.4%. The penetration rate of smart washing machines was 41.9%, that of smart air conditioners was 29.8%, and that of smart refrigerators was 17.4%. Traditional home appliances continue to develop smart, smart home appliances and smart wear and other emerging products are also rapidly broke out everywhere.
With the government guidance, mature technology, the rapid development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, and the high participation of various brands, user acceptance will gradually increase and the output value of smart home appliances will continue to grow. It is estimated that the output value of smart home appliances will exceed one trillion yuan in 2020. And intelligent development will also shift from intelligent technology to human intelligence, will be more simple, more close to spending habits.
What are the typical characteristics of smart appliances? "Smart products are at a critical period of transformation and upgrading, smart home appliances with cell phones and connections at the core are being discarded by consumers, and smart products are undergoing revolutionary changes from concept to architecture." Software and Content For smart appliances Is particularly important: software to create the ultimate experience, while the content is to provide users with real service. "In November 2017, China's household appliances industry in the scale of the largest and most high-profile technology exchange event - 2017 China Household Appliances At the technology conference, Xu Chengmao, vice president of the Academia Sinica's Central Research Institute, said.

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