Appliance industry reviews in December: looking for the vanguard of the appliance industry

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Investment Opportunity Recommendation: Recently, China convened the Central Economic Work Conference. The meeting pointed out that our economy has shifted from a phase of rapid growth to a period of high-quality development. Among them, an important task is to promote the manufacturing of China to create a change in China's speed to China's quality change, that is, to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, cultivate a group of pioneering companies with innovative capabilities. So this week from the conference point of view looking for the vanguard of the appliance industry enterprises. We believe that the vanguard enterprises have two major characteristics: 1. Strong innovation ability; 2. Informatization, high degree of automation. The major growth of leading enterprises in 2017 is due to the growth of the air-conditioning industry. However, with a high base in 2017, the growth rate in 2018 may drop sharply. As a result, the leading enterprises may not have the generally beautiful 2017 revenue. However, we think that innovation capability, informationization and automation will significantly improve the company's efficiency at the cost side, and the indicators such as the gross profit margin and net profit margin may increase in response to the Company's operating data. Therefore, this week we suggest focusing on the leading home appliance Gree (000651.SZ), Midea Group (000333.SZ), Qingdao Haier (600690.SH) and Boss Electric (002508.SZ).
Industry Review of Important News: New Type of Small Home Appliances Becomes New Favorite Pocket Sink Dishwasher Is Popular; 2018 Market of Washing Machine: Enterprises Enter Two-Force Harvest Period; 2018 Market of Washing Machine: Two Enterprises Enter Harvest Period.
Announcement of Key Companies Announcement: Notice of Vantage Holding Appointment as Vice President of the Company; Announcement on the Achievements of the First Term of Unlocking Conditions of Release of Vantage Share Restricted Stock Incentive Plan; Stock announcement.
Quotes tracking: December CITIC Home Appliances Index continued to rise after callback this month to close at 12826.80, up 3.37%, amplitude 9.73%. Monthly appliance index outperformed Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index 2.75% while outperforming the Shanghai Composite 50 Index 4.08%. Molecular industry point of view, small appliances index rose 0.64%, white rose 5.21%, black electricity fell 5.76%. From the sub-industry up and down point of view, this month, home appliances index still rely on white goods, we believe that in the home appliance leader to gradually achieve the information and automation, the vanguard enterprises will maintain steady growth, so in the long run, home appliance leader is still Home appliance industry configuration preferred target.

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