Troika helps smart TV development

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Weekly retreat large home appliances sector, full-year gains second: last week, CITIC Home Appliances index fell 2.02% over the same period the CSI 300 Index fell 0.59%, clear withdrawal of home appliances sector. In the whole year of 2017, the appliance sector rose by 44.94%. In the same period, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index gained 21.78%, outperforming the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index by 23.16%. Appliance plate strong performance throughout the year, rose in all sectors ranked second. Valuation, the home appliance industry is currently about 22.12 PE, in the upper level, relative to the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index valuation premium of 54.7%, at the median level. We think the current valuation of home appliances sector is moderate and expect steady growth in 18-year results. There will still be opportunities after the sector correction.
BOE leads "10.5" line, industry center of gravity towards China: On December 20, 2017, BOE invested 45.8 billion yuan Hefei 10.5 generation LCD panel production line put into operation ahead of schedule, which is the world's first 10.5-generation line, is also Currently the highest generation line. According to AVC Display Devices and Systems Business Unit, with the BOE 10.5 line lighting and the gradual ramp-up, the 65-inch shipments in 2018 are expected to show a year-on-year increase of 68% and 75-inch shipments An increase of 86% over the same period of last year. The commissioning of the 10.5-generation line in mainland China will make some Taiwanese panel companies lose the price advantage of large-size production in favor of small-size LCD panels; the supply of small-size LCD panels will then surge, causing the overall price to drop, After the year has been reflected. From the point of view of industrial development, the commissioning of the BOE 10.5 generation line means that the panel of Mainland China presents an over-trend to Taiwan and South Korea and the industry center of gravity shifts to the Mainland.
"Supply chain, content, channel" troika to help the development of smart TV: 17 years double eleven, PPTV smart TV take the lead in substantial price cuts, announced the smart TV prices to "65-inch down to 4,000 yuan, 55-inch down 2000 yuan, 32-inch down to 1,000 yuan below ", also known as" 421 new price standard era. " This large-scale or even involve the industry's price cuts need a strong supply chain strength as a support, the fact is also true, PPTV backed Suning powerful procurement supply chain. In any case, smart TV marketing fun gorgeous, the importance of the content will not be shaken, the major smart TV manufacturers in the film and television drama, sports content, etc. fierce competition. Hypertension in the homogenization of products, the channel era of the king, with Suning channels and funding support, PPTV can be achieved in the supply chain and content leader.
Recent view: We believe that the white-line industry in the 18-year growth rate of air conditioning category probably declined rate, after the 17-year valuation increase in the future to enhance the overall valuation of limited space, plate differentiation will continue. Home appliance index 18 years may show the pattern of high and then low, the first half is expected to rise in the valuation and performance driven continued to rise, the second half may be affected by the impact of the coming year and down. We recommend that investors focus on the steady growth of white, black cycle improvement and faster growth of LED lighting, the specific target can be concerned about the Gree, Midea Group, Hisense Electric, TCL Group, Op lighting, three male Aurora.

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